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Are you a business owner? Do you run a company? Are you looking for the best solution to apply SEO? Without any slogans, by reading this article, I guarantee that you will gain a lot of useful information towards SEO in a clear, concise and comprehensible way. we provide the best SEO services in Switzerland (Zürich, Bern, Geneve, Lausanne, Lucerne, and Freiburg).

Why should you care about SEO?

Below I will point out a few SEO advantages so that you as the marketing manager of your company or your business owner, will be aware of the importance of SEO in the marketing process.


SEO in Switzerland

SEO Google

Did you know that 98% of Swiss Internet users use Google as a search engine? Did you know that, according to the latest statistics, 94% of those people search on Google before doing online shopping in order to obtain information about the product and services they want to buy? Did you know that they assert your rivals precisely? What’s your place in this competition? What’s your rank on Google’s first page?


We shape your business with SEO

SEO for ranking on the top of Google

Let’s get to the point. According to statistics, only 20% of internet users click on the Google Advertising section, while the remaining 80% click on the organic searching section. In addition, I strongly believe that even those 20% who click on Google ads will check the organic part of the site later.


SEO helps you to rank on the first page of Google

Furthermore, if you’re placed in the first 5 places, you’ll have a chance to be viewed. Otherwise, the chance of absorbing people to your web pages is low. SEO’s knowledge and skills will help you place your site at the top of Google forever.

SEO for structuring your website

If you intend to design your website for the first time, make sure to follow SEO’s principles, otherwise, you will be its only visitor! SEO helps you set up your website for the first time for web users and simultaneously for search engines like Google. The discussion over the type of website structure varies depending on your business and purpose. So if you do not have the knowledge or skills of SEO, please get in touch with me.


SEO & Website

SEO for website immigration

I clearly remember that we had the first and most attractive website in our working field in Iran. We were among the top ranks on Google. We had 200 to 250 thousand free Google views monthly. Everything was going swimmingly when suddenly things took a turn for the worse in the technical section and our website got into trouble. Unfortunately, our programmer didn’t help due to migration reasons, resulting in us having to design a new site. We spent a lot of money on designing a new website, but can you guess what happened? Our traffic went from 250,000 to below 70,000 a month on Google.


SEO & website immigration

If you have experienced website migration, I’m sure you can most certainly relate. SEO is an overwhelming issue in website migration. Don’t apply SEO without consulting an SEO specialist under any circumstance. If you own a large business that generates a lot of traffic from Google, you will have serious and irreparable financial disadvantages without using SEO rules and skills.

What is happening in the SEO industry in Switzerland?

Interestingly, many small and large Swiss businesses do not really care about the importance of SEO in the design, marketing and branding process. The reason is clear, they are not aware of the effects of SEO. A couple of days ago, I read an article on the Semrush website asking SEO experts in European countries about the difficulties they encounter while they are working with their country’s businesses in SEO.


SEO Industry

Many of these SEO experts were complaining about their countries businesses since none of them knew what SEO really was and how it could help them to become better. They said that their biggest challenge was identifying SEO and its effects on online sales and marketing. Consequently, it can be said that SEO in the small countries of Western Europe and Scandinavia is still taking its first steps.

Why do Swiss businesses neglect SEO, and moreover, why do Swiss businesses not want to engage in SEO too much?

Let me open the discussion. Swiss companies can be divided into three categories:

The first category consists of large, well-known companies whose marketing specialists don’t know much about the SEO world, or who entrust their marketing to marketing agencies who do not pay attention to the details of the work.

The second one is the middle-class companies, who usually spend all their money on online advertising due to the lack of adequate information from the SEO world. When they are asked about searching for a product, with the expectation of seeing the products or content, they explain that the product will have the first rankings in the Google Ads section. Another important point I want to mention is that many large and medium-sized companies in Switzerland entrust their digital marketing and SEO to advertising agencies with almost zero returns.


Why businesses neglect SEO?

The third category consists of the newly emerged Swiss companies, that are somewhat familiar with the SEO world and eager to apply SEO to their online marketing and websites. They have two obstacles, however. Firstly, they themselves do not know how to apply SEO, and secondly, they do not have enough money to pay an SEO or marketing agency in order to do their job. This is where we strongly sympathize with the small companies here at SITAWO, and in this area, we can provide them with the best quality of SEO at a reasonable price.

How do I choose the best SEO agency in Switzerland?

If you have been following me from the beginning of this article, you are now surely more aware of what you need to do in order to apply SEO services. Before making contact with SEO agencies, you should find at least some information about SEO which you can find on our website. When you have basic information about SEO, you can choose the best and most informed SEO agency. I assure you that I will write more about how to choose a good SEO agency and share with you on our blog.


The Best SEO Agency

Why can we be the best SEO expert (Specialist) for your business?

As our CV shows, We have been working in the realm of online business, especially the small internet businesses, for more than 9 years. We have so much invaluable experience that undoubtedly, sharing this expertise, will create 100 ideas in your mind for your business. As a successful business owner and entrepreneur with the highest profit from 2009 to 2015, we will be sharing with your online marketing, online advertising, SEO, and ultimately effective sales practices in a simple marketing language. Just take part in one of our SEO workshops, or have a free SEO consultation session with us.

SEO expert & Specialist

How do we do SEO optimization for you?

As stated below, first we will talk to each other, and then we’ll be asking you some crucial questions in order to choose the best type of SEO. For this, you must share with us the details of the business and the type of marketing and advertising you currently use. Maybe during our first session, we will realise that you do not need SEO or internet marketing at all. We will start with the website analysis and your former and current sales rate, then we will check your website and social media.

Following on, We will take your competitors into account to see their online activity. After reviewing all the data and carrying out a thorough marketing research analysis using SEO and online marketing powerful tools, We will go on to create a completely unique strategy based on your target market. Throughout all these steps, We will share with you the required information as well as the working process.

How much do SEO services cost?

SEO is not for free

Many people who do not have enough information about SEO assume that SEO is completely free.

I will explain this to you with a simple example. You have two choices for the place you live in:

First choice: You can rent a house and pay rent monthly. For as long as you pay the rent, you can stay as long as you wish.  One of the advantages of renting a house is that you needn’t have a lot of initial capital, but if you do not pay the rent on time, your landlord will evict you. This can be likened to advertising on Google. That means, you will remain in Google’s advertising area until you pay, otherwise Google won’t display your product or article.


How much does SEO cost?

The second choice is to build a home and live there for the rest of your life for free, without paying monthly bills. Surely this is the best method, but you need to have an initial capital to build your home. The second choice is similar to SEO. If you learn SEO yourself, you don’t need any money to do it, what you need is enough time. But if you don’t know anything about SEO yourself, you ought to find an SEO agency to do it for you. However, in the end, whether you yourself apply SEO or ask an SEO agency to do it, in either case, you will stay in Google’s first ranks for years.

How long do SEO services take?

The SEO must be applied before, during and after designing the site, as well as the online marketing process. So the time and duration of the SEO depend entirely on the purpose, strategy, planning, and workload. Below are some of the important things to show you how much time you need to apply SEO.


SEO results & timing

  • Do you have a website? If so, have you been active for a few years?
  • How often do you upload your website? Daily? Weekly?
  • Have you been ranked in a few keywords before?
  • Did you design your website yourself or did a dedicated team do it for you?
  • Is the brand of your company or one of your products searched for on Google?

If you’ve been designing your website for a few months and have not posted much content, I’d say that it’s not comparable to a competitor site that has been active for a number of years and has provided its audience with daily, useful content. In conclusion, you should design a very clever strategy to apply SEO to your website and social media. In order to achieve this result. you will need to work daily for at least one year.

Do you have SEO packages at Sitawo?

We believe that every business has its own strengths and weaknesses. An SEO package can’t be offered for 500 francs to two different companies who have a completely different market and purpose. For example, if you run a small massage parlor, the cost of doing SEO for you would be different from a large, well-established dental clinic. We call the process of analyzing your business, SEO audit or SEO Analyse. This will help inform us of your current position, and after analyzing your target market, will enable us to determine the costs.


SEO Packages

Which cities in Switzerland can we offer our services to?

No matter which Swiss city you are in, whether it be Berne, Zürich, Geneva, Lausanne, Freiburg and so forth, stay in touch with us to attract the best and most ideal customers to your business.

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