How SEO impacts your sales?

How SEO impacts your sales?

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SEO increases your sales

SEO is the best and most important channel in the digital marketing world, which can bring you the most potential customers. On this page, you will learn why SEO should be the first option in starting your digital marketing, and how it increases your sales.


SEO increases your sales

Business and sales

Most businesses are run by people who do not have any sales experience. These people may be entrepreneurs who are interested in a product or have invented something that they have to sell immediately. However, they are not aware of what happens in the interaction between the shop assistant and the potential, accurate, suspicious, customer.


SEO Business Sales

They think that if they have a fairly good product or service, sales will fall from the sky like raindrops. So, when their company loses customers, cash, and credit, and goes bankrupt, they will be surprised. The old saying; “If you produce, the customer comes themselves“, rarely works. The fact is that the customer comes whenever they desire.

Facts about selling

Business is now more competitive than ever, and it’s getting tougher as time goes by. Nowadays, selling has also never been harder, since customers’ expectations of quality, service, and value have increased. They have more options and feel less pressure to make quick decisions. In the current climate, businesses looking for successful sales of their products and services must begin their work by knowing their customers and the reasons for their purchase.


Facts About Selling

What is common between SEO and sales?

Sales refer to transferring information and introducing your product and service in the form of emotions. The purpose of this feeling transformation is to create trust in a person who has come to you as a buyer and customer or to whom you have approached. Do you know that SEO is the best channel for building trust from your audience? Now, you might ask how?



According to the statistics, 93% of the people who want to make an online purchase first search on Google to get more information. Now, suppose you sell a  laptop. Many people who want to buy a laptop, first search some keywords on Google  like,How do I know which laptop to buy?”, so that they see your website at the top of Google. Surely, if you provide them with informative, descriptive content, you will certainly be one of their first choices. Most importantly, SEO will help you to place your website and product on Google’s first rank.

Why do people pay for your services and products?

Let’s get back to the statistics. According to Google, only 20% of their users click on the ad section when they search for something. This rate has changed in the United States in recent months and has fallen from 20% to below 10%. The rest, I mean more than 80%, click on the organic search part.


Services & products

Now the question is this, “Who likes propaganda?”, I dare to say that even the advertiser themselves promotes stress and fear in this case because they know that no customer likes to make a purchase through advertising. Of course, I’m not opposed to propaganda, but the truth is that most people strongly dislike it.

The next question is this, “Why should people pay before they experience your service or use your product?” Or “Why would people choose you among thousands of other companies?” The answer is a single word, trust.

People pay you in advance prior to receiving the service and using your product, just because you’ve made them trust you. SEO is the science, skill, and art that puts you at the top of Google, YouTube and Social Media, and leads you to potential customers among thousands of other sites.

SEO is the most powerful channel to sell more and more

SEO causes the process below to happen. The internet user and potential customer searches for the product they have in mind. They see your site on Google’s first rank and then log on to your site where you not only give them enough information about the product but also guide them to choose a better product. Undoubtedly, that customer won’t go away, and the only company and site that they buy from will be yours


SEO is the most powerful channel

SEO helps you to offer the exact experience that customers are looking for

SEO not only helps you provide accurate and useful information on your website but also helps you to make your website structure and purchasing processes incredibly user-friendly.  SEO introduces you to the Internet user’s mentality and makes it a thoroughly enjoyable experience for your customers.


SEO & UX (User-Experience)

5 reasons that SEO increases your sales:

  1. Creating a user-friendly website
  2. Creating high security on your website
  3. Ranking your site and pages on your Google homepage
  4. Creating a sense of trust
  5.  Easier, faster and more user-friendly shopping steps

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