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SEO Expert story

What is going on in businesses?

The age of theories is over. It’s time to practice now. Unlike in the past, we are in the period of disorderly and chaotic businesses. Economic hurricanes will always end, but we will never go back to the old ways of marketing. Today’s competition is harder and more intense than ever. Challenges are bigger and more demanding. The only way to rise above all of this is to create a fantastic business that can create its own philosophy among all competitors, businesses and similar products.

Business and SEO

What is going on in Businesses

This means that similar techniques in marketing and advertising won’t create sales and keep your business afloat. It will inevitably make you leave the competition when you are unable to keep your head above water for any longer. Therefore, it’s essential to have unique creativity.

Who can help you grow your business?

The market is fraught with marketing agencies and advisers that showcase their success. But they can rarely help start-ups or play a key role in the branding process in order to have more viable and enduring sales. I strongly believe that if your business doesn’t have its own philosophy for marketing and introducing your products, you won’t succeed in the world of unfair competition.


Grow your business with SEO

What should you know about marketing?

To succeed in your business and create more sales, you needn’t be a marketing genius or a self-proclaimed advertiser. Why? Because excellent and practical marketing doesn’t limit to marketers or even marketing. Marketing is about understanding real people. I’ve been advertising for my companies in Iran for years, and yet I have never had a specific marketing budget. However, I’ve sold plenty of products and had successful businesses. Don’t forget that good, effective, and practical marketing is “easy”, especially if your business is new. So, do not listen to the marketing agencies and consultants who try to persuade you that marketing is extremely technical and tough.


Marketing for your company

SEO specialist (SEO Expert) story

I am Ebrahim Mehrno who studied computer software at Tehran University. I have 8 years of experience in entrepreneurship and online business. Moreover, I have held more than 300 educational and consulting programs in the top broadcasts of Iran. I wrote a book, titled “How to Study less and Succeed More” for high school graduates preparing for higher education entrance exams and university admissions in Iran.


SEO specialist

I have gained a significant part of these experiences in the training companies I had in Tehran. I am enthusiastic when it comes to reading business, advertising, and marketing books because I believe that the owner of a business must devote his time towards applying various, new marketing initiatives and leaving the rest of his work to other experts. During my three years in Switzerland, I studied International Business Management at the University of Applied Science of Bern, and then went on to work for a Swiss marketing company to gain more experience.

I spent a career in a marketing and branding company and was then hired as a digital expert. I worked for more than a year and a half for the same company until I realized that as an experienced entrepreneur, it would be better to choose a different path. I then wondered why I shouldn’t share these experiences with the rest of the new blood Swiss entrepreneurs?


SEO specialist

Working at that Swiss marketing branding company did not offer the mental stimulation I needed. The reason was clear;  from an entrepreneur, I had become a regular employee. I was bored and unmotivated since I couldn’t apply my ideas freely. Eventually, I decided to leave the company. I am currently dedicated to consulting and writing SEO essays for my new Sitawo site. On the Sitawo website, I share everything I know with you. As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to pay thousands of francs to marketing agencies who spend all your budget on a few beautiful advertisements and create no sales for you. I share the secrets with you to get the best results at the lowest cost.

Join me to share with you years of experience from marketing, online marketing, and online sales. Undoubtedly, you will save time and money by reading these articles and learning from my own personal experiences and the advice I offer.

What do I have in my bag?

In Iran, we can not access websites such as Facebook, YouTube, sometimes Instagram, or other useful websites. We can not even advertise on Google, because Google has sanctioned Iran, so we aren’t allowed to have access to the Google Advertising section. Of course, Google’s advertising is even filtered for Iranian users by the Iranian government itself.


My SEO Experience

So what’s the solution? We have 60 million online Iranian users, which is a great opportunity for online businesses to make a huge profit over a few nights, as we witness it in Iran every day. But among all these obstacles and filtering, we find the best solutions. Accompany me to share the secrets of successful Internet Marketing with you in a simple language.

My experiences are not only restricted to marketing, but  I will let you know everything from the twist and turns of advertising in radio and television, to advertising in the most prominent magazines and newspapers. Internet Marketing is just a very small part of your overall marketing plan, and it entirely depends on the type of audience and customers you focus on as well as the type of channels you invest in.

As an entrepreneur, not just an SEO specialist

Not only do I work with you as an SEO specialist, but also as a business owner who uses SEO to achieve his goals and gain realistic results. Furthermore, I provide you with the best solutions to get the best results.



The law of old business is as follows
Make regular and reliable products and combine them with great marketing.
The law of new business is as follows
Make extraordinary products that people are looking for. Then sell those products with special marketing and your own special story brand.

How can we help you?

We will share with you the best, most practicable and well-resourced strategies and techniques that are used by the top businesses of any industry in order to create a dynamic, reputable, and acclaimed business. Ultimately, we will provide you with more enduring and viable sales.


We can help you

We will teach you how to attract customers, make loyalty programs and have word of mouth marketing. We will also instruct you on how to provide the most useful services, products, and activities through focusing on your time, budget and resources.

We strongly believe

In a world full of advertisement and marketing ideas, we still believe that the best way to increase your sales is to create a sense of trust among potential customers and surprise your audience with real and sincere solutions. Only then will your business reach its full potential.


  • Marketing agencies will kill your budget!
  • Make users trust you, not pay you.
  • Small changes make huge results!
  • Google ads without SEO optimization is a waste of money.
  • Social Media ads are all about making brand awareness, not selling.
  • Advertising is the worst way to promote your products.
  • People do not buy what they need, they buy what they want.
  • SEO is all about making your business more efficient.

Hope to meet you at one of my workshops
Ebrahim Mehrno

We provide the best SEO services in Switzerland (Zürich, Bern, Geneve, Lausanne, Lucerne, and Freiburg).


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