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We intend to provide you with a precise understanding of an SEO consultant and a list of expectations that are required in getting an SEO consultation. Consider the fact that you may not find all of these specialties in a single person, which means that it’s quite natural to have more than one SEO consultant by your side.


Free SEO Consulting

The primary goal of SEO

The primary purpose of SEO-related activities is to gain a better position in Google’s results, though our main goal should be increasing the actual audience of the site. This way, you can enhance both the sales and the rate of ads’ attraction. This is where the role of an SEO consultant emerges and the importance of professional SEO advice increases.


The Primary Goal of SEO

SEO and website optimization are general concepts. This word alone can not express all the reality about your targeting and strategy. Today the significance of SEO and site optimization has grown so substantially, that getting SEO advice is a key element of progress and gaining a high position on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization or Search Experience Optimization?

In order to have a better understanding of this phrase, it is better to consider its main meaning, Search Engine Optimization means optimizing the site for the search engine. However, is the search engine your ultimate goal, or the contacts logging in to your site through this gate? We believe that SEO stands for Search Experience Optimization, which means optimizing the user’s experience when they are searching and going through your webpages.


Search Experience Optimization

Who is an SEO consultant?

Over the past few years, the value and position of getting the right rank in Google’s results have increased dramatically. That is why the terms  SEO expert or specialists sound familiar to many web users. Bigger companies and businesses came to the conclusion that it would be better to launch an SEO team to create the content and monitor their performance directly.


Who is an SEO Consultant?

The need for specialized knowledge and the pursuit of day-to-day science, along with the limited time of managers, requires another identity, called SEO consultancy. These days people who claim to be SEO advisors do nothing for you and your business,  however, they provide the managers and staff with the required instructions and training as well as professional advice.

SEO concepts and tools are highly developed which can be discussed in several areas, each of them requiring the knowledge and technical expertise that in some cases, a company needs more than one SEO consultant.

When do we need an SEO consultant?

You constantly need an SEO consultant, but the role of an advisor will be different at any given time.

For example, during the initial running of the site, the SEO consultant will be accompanying you in choosing the name, domain name, site designing company, hosting provider, site requirements, etc. The same consultant can present completely different actions and suggestions for an active site. Try to get SEO advice before starting your own website project in order to have a specific strategy from the very beginning.


When Do We Need An SEO Consultant?

What services does Sitawo present in the field of SEO consultation?

Due to several years of successful presence in Google first rankings, SEO training, strategy and applying SEO to increase traffic and ultimately build up sales, we are able to accompany you in this area. Our activities in the field of SEO training and consulting have ranked the businesses that have collaborated with us. By publishing several technical articles and holding specialized SEO training courses, Siatawo can be regarded as the most active company in the field of SEO training.


Our SEO Services

The experience of these years has proved that you yourself are the best person to do site SEO and provide the best quality content, on the condition that you have a skillful advisor alongside you. Being active in the realm of SE consulting, Sitawo will show you the path to success and will pave the way for you.

We present a set of services to our customers in Sitawo which is offered to you based on the type of project, timing, and budget. The most important ones are as follows:

Analyzing your business

  • Consulting to identify appropriate targeting, tailored to your work field and type of activity
  • Identifying digital marketing strategies to achieve specified goals
  • preparing proposals for the site and required facilities
  • Estimating the cost of site launching as well as internet advertising and comparing  it with the potential of your business’s revenue generation

Business SEO Analyzing

  • Monitoring the process of designing and applying your website in accordance with the rules of SEO
  • Content strategy and applying it on the site; based on the type of audience, site subject, and targeted keywords
  • Holding training courses to enhance your knowledge and effectiveness of your company’s forces that affect the process of content production and dissemination.
  • Introducing social network marketing strategies and identifying access routes to them are among the other SEO services.

38 Logical expectations of SEO consultation:

Usually, at the counseling session, a piece of comprehensive and complete information is provided to site administrators and business owners to become familiar with the overall SEO strategy. Later, we will get acquainted with the activities of SEO consultants.


38 Logical expectations of SEO consultation

  1. Checking the details and generalities of your marketing
  2. Taking cognizance of your sales and trading goals
  3. Analyzing your current position on the web
  4. Getting to know about your business, reviewing competitors, products, services, customers and your contacts.
  5. Determining and managing your budget for SEO; managing costs and guidance on choosing the best route based on your budget.
  6. Optimizing the structure of the content of the site pages, using keywords in the appropriate space including titles, images, and text.
  7. Searching and analyzing target keywords, prioritizing and stacking keywords, identifying existing potentials and received results.
  8. Determining the content strategy and structure of the site pages, identifying pages’ landing.
  9. Rewriting title and description of pages and combining targeted phrases to attract users’ attention and increasing click rates in search results.
  10. Specifying 10 words or phrases for targeting in different spaces of the site including home pages, categories, and articles.
  11. Improving the user interface of the site, as well as the number of page views per user, as well as reducing the exit factor.
  12. Identifying and renovating common errors on the website; Optimizing page 404, redirects 301 and 302, Google’s error access to pages, duplicate content, txt file failures, site map checking, corrupted link identification, checking pages’ speed and mobile-friendly status, checking how they appear in browsers, and on various screen sizes.
  13. Performing local SEO techniques, inserting on a Google map, and correct definition of social network and your contact information.
  14. Defining a specific business path and stage targeting for content creation and position acquisition.
  15. Examining the reasons for competitors’ success and benchmarking techniques used by an SEO consultant.
  16. Tracking changes in your work area and identifying opportunities and threats ahead, recognizing the correct algorithms of Google and techniques that penalize the site.
  17. Guaranteeing your site’s optimization for user and search engine.
  18. Generating practical and useful content, identifying topics and articles that have been ignored in your business. Training standards and techniques for writing content in accordance with the principles of SEO to your content production team.
  19. Suggesting the right text for buttons and banners and the correct definition of Call to Action on the site to fit your targeting.
  20. Sufficient knowledge of standard content management systems like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal
  21. Getting familiar with HTML and CSS code commands.
  22.   A thorough acquaintance with the standards and important factors in designing the online store, shopping cart, and product page.
  23. Getting familiar with SEO management tools like Google Search Council and Google Analytics.
  24. Designing an appropriate structure for internal link-building and how important pages are linked together.
  25. Specifying the strategy of external link-building, target linked word, advert reportage, guerrilla link-building techniques, and grey hat SEO techniques.
  26. Optimizing site menu, sidebar, footer, and internal access paths.
  27. Determining the address structure of the pages and how to use the keywords in the page address.
  28. Specifying the appropriate KPI to measure site performance and achieving goals.
  29. Providing monthly reports about the number of visits, the position obtained in target words and how users behave on the site.
  30. Optimizing your account on social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. Creating the right link between social pages and the main site.
  31. Advising on how to publish content on public channels, such as video sharing services, email newsletters, and social networking.
  32. Observing the basic standards of branding on the web and how to introduce your brand to search engines.
  33. Checking the status of your domains in terms of quality and impact on site performance.
  34. Consulting for click advertising campaigns and fitting spaces for banner ads.
  35. Providing advice and practical analysis to apply when deciding whether to redesign and modify your site or domain.
  36. Answering your questions and ambiguities with comprehensible and acceptable literature without the use of complex and summarized phrases.
  37. Identifying the road map, the time of the conclusion, and estimating the amount of time and rate of success.
  38. Failing to secure Google’s first Rank or reaching a certain number of views, but also ensuring compliance with approved principles and standards.

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